5 Day Trip to the Edge of the Universe and Back

CR 31/700

The space journey. An overview

This is an overview of the travel destinations and rotation. Listed by the same sequential order they appear in the contact.

Catalogue and Destination / Star Constellation/ Distance from Earth  /Comments

Earth         Departing Switzerland 17 July 1975 at 10.14 h



Other Planets in our solar system

Earth         Back above at 16.30 h to watch the Apollo-Soyuz coupling.

The Mothership. Positioned in our solar system. Boarding the mothership to

continue the journey further into space.  Travelling at 289,000

kilometers per second for 30 minutes to location where undertaking first hyperspace jump.

M45           Beyond the Pleiades in Taurus 500 Light years from Earth (their distance)

M42           Orion Nebula in Orion 1800 Light Years from Earth (our distance).

M1             Crab Nebula in Taurus 3150 Light years from Earth (our distance).

B33           Viewing position in space 1810 Light Years from Earth (their distance).

Observing the Horsehead Nebula in Orion from a distance of 200 Light years away.

M20           Trifid Nebula in Saggitarius. Distance not given.

M57           Ring Nebula in Lyra. Distance not given.

M17           Omega Nebula in Sagittarius. Distance not given.

M16           Eagle Nebula in Serpens. Distance not given.

M27           Dumbbell Nebula in Vulpecula. Distance not given.

NGC6781   planetary Nebula in Aquila. Distance not given.

NGC7293   Helix nebula in Aquarius. Distance not given.

M2             Globular star cluster in Aquarius 47 000 Light years (their distance)

M31           Andromeda Galaxy in Andromeda. About 2,2 million light years from Earth (their distance)

The Universe barrier – Passing through the barrier which lays between our universe they name DERN and our sister universe which they name DAL.

Entering The DAL universe – Only for boarding another mother ship. It belongs to the people of Asket and Nera and it has them onboard.

Return leg

The Universe barrier. Passing back through the barrier into our Universe from the DAL Universe

The travel destination listed below are the names used by them. The distances are also all given by them, as measured by them.

NESAR Planetary system. 1,73 billion light year from Earth .

DESOM a planet in the Galaxy ASAP. 1960 million light years from Earth. People there living in the evolution stage of our Middle ages.

LESA planetary system in the galaxy NEPON. 1780 million light years from Earth. Planets with primitive fauna life.

TARO a star cluster part of the Galaxy MARA. 15 000 million light years from Earth. Several planets in the volcanic stage of evolution.

ESES in the Galaxy DERON 4480 million light years from Earth. Volcanic planets.

ICE PLANET drifting randomly in space. It is 11 times bigger than Saturn. Distance to Earth not given.

KARTAG in the system NEB in the Galaxy ARATOM. 8 billion light years from Earth. A planet with atomic war.

NEBER in the system KRAS in the galaxy BEBERAS. 9380 million light years from Earth. UR-world.

Our solar system – The mothership returns back to our solar system.

Earth – Semjase brings Billy from the mother ship back to Earth in her beam ship. The Journey ends.



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