Number of human races in our Universe

The number of human races existing in our Universe

Billy writes that according to information originating and passed on to him from the highest spiritual level, published in his book Genesis, a total of 40,353,607 (40 million 353 thousand and 607) human races were originally created into existence by Creation. Meaning in our Universe as a whole, in the Galaxies, Sun systems and Planets through out, through the law and commandments and the Ur-idea of Creation 40,453,607 races was created with 343 different skin colors. This number has further increased over time due to many races have mingled and created new ones. Wherefore the total number of races in our Universe today can be counted in vigintillions, a number with 63 zeros. 

(Let’s see what 1 vigintillion looks like, shall we?)



Ur:  means ancient   (ur-ur-ancestors)

see also:   number of human civilizations in our galaxy-

short video for reference:

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