Sorry San Francisco- They say it is inevitable

CR 437/700

(Note:  There is an earlier contact report that talks about this subject.  Billy also saw it on one of his trips.)

Then something else: I was discussing the big quake in California with Quetzal – that is to say, San Francisco – which is already overdue.
Have any new things come about there, or does everything remain as Quetzal told me; that the earthquake is to be expected in the foreseeable future and that it will be the biggest natural disaster in living memory?
The quake will not just have a negative impact upon San Francisco, but also Los Angeles, San Diego and various other places.
And as Quetzal said, possibly the seaward part of the San Andreas Fault will tear off, whereby an elongated island would result.
46. You have seen the enormous destruction in the future, however, only in relation to the “Erstzeit”[1].
47. But the entirety will, however, be much worse when the great quake occurs. The point in time has remained the same as that which Quetzal named for you.
Therefore, everything remains as predicted and as it was, as I have seen then through the travel into the future.
48. It was, at that time, a journey into the real time of the future of the real event; consequently also nothing about it can change.
Naturally – how stupid of me.

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