Mother Theresa not so holy? Buying your way into sainthood

CR 275/700  (August 10th, 1999)


… Perhaps you know that so-called “Mother Theresa” is soon to be canonized, in a high-speed process.
But you yourself said to me, in regard to this woman, that she is a criminal who, under the cover of faith and religion, commits, respectively committed – because in the meantime she has died – grave wrongdoings.
As I know from you and from various terrestrial sources, she was a child-robber who stole children from many Indian mothers and sold them for a lot of money to childless foreigners.
In cooperation with other sisters of her order she told the mothers, from whom she stole the children, that the children entrusted to her had died, and so forth.
Furthermore she also raked in dollars by the millions by means of donations which were entrusted to her for the purpose of alleviating the need of those who were suffering and to build hospitals and nursing homes, and so forth.
But all the many dollars, which, not very long ago, you indicated to me was 3,500,000,000 – and which, in large part, Mother Theresa got through begging and underhanded means from the Federal heads and finance bosses, and so forth – was never utilised for the purposes indicated by her.
Only a few dollars actually flowed out for the named purposes while most of the remainder, namely more than 1,700,000,000 – if I correctly recall your statements – were carried to Rome by the deceiver in order to fill the papal coffers.
Can one let that hang in the air and also openly make this public, or had I better remain silent over it?
37. What I reported to you in connection with this deceitful little woman corresponds to the incidents and facts, consequently the explanations may also be openly given out.




Look what was in the news 19 Years after this contact took place and 4 years after I published this blog post:

Mother Teresa India charity home ‘sold babies’

Nun charged with baby trafficking at Mother Teresa home for pregnant women in India


CR 543

6. That is the meaning of my statement.

And what you said at the 257th official contact conversation in 1999 about the sums of money she swindled and what she raked in the Pope’s ass in Rome is of correctness and not a spelling mistake in the conversation report?

7. The information is undoubtedly correct.
8. All in all, this degenerate personality obtained 3.5 billion US dollars from rich and poor people all over the world, 1.7 billion of which she passed on to the Popes in the Vatican in Rome.
9. She began her real career on 10 September 1937 in Darjeeling in India, where she spent years trying to realise her plans, which she had made very early on, by every means possible.
10. The real start came in 1949, when she opened her first school in a slum in Calcutta and managed to sneak in with Pope Pius XII, who worked from 1939 to 1958 and supported the false missionary with all possible means. As Superior General she also gave her permission to form a ‘Community of Missionaries of Charity’, which she presided over until the end of her life.
11. His successor then, John XXIII also fell in love with the woman in every way and also supported her, and when he died in 1963, the same legacy passed to Pope Paul VI and continued until 1978.
12. Then, however, came Pope John Paul I, who distanced himself from the woman’s reprehensibilities as well as from all sorts of machinations and intrigues in the Vatican, but which cost him his life because he was murdered.
13. As you know, he only held office for 33 days, after which he was found dead on 29 September 1978.
14. Pope John Paul II was immediately elected in his place, continuing the legacy of the other previous Popes regarding the machinations and the connection with Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, as the correct name of this reprehensible woman really was.
15. It was also this pope who promised her in an audience that he would beatify her.
16. And it is to be explained in addition that she had already begun to creep in with large donations of money during the time of Pope Pius XII, which has been preserved until close to her death.
17. She and her sisters pledged never to work for money or for the wealthy, but this pledge was a mockery, because in reality they were only concerned with their own profit and welfare in the slums, especially the Superior General who ridiculously called herself ‘Mother Teresa’.
18. Infants and children who were abandoned or taken away from their mothers were sold all over the world for horrendous sums of money; the sick, hungry and dying were miserably maltreated and exposed to great pain – even to the point of dying and dying in misery.
19. In 1952 the Christian hypocrite and degenerate opened the house ‘Nirmal Hriday’, which means something like ‘pure heart’.
20. In truth, it was a house for the sick and dying, in which thousands of helpless and suffering human beings vegetated under inhuman conditions and finally died in evil misery.

3 thoughts on “Mother Theresa not so holy? Buying your way into sainthood

  1. Why would Ptaah lie? Is it so hard to believe that the Vatican is all about making money and controlling their ignorant worshippers?


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  3. Damned and cursed be the Evil god Jeovah-Yahweh (יהוה, Jhvh-Jhfh-Jschfesch), who calleth himself the One!

    Damned and cursed be his delirious, delusional and devilish evil Jesus Satan Yahshua Y’hoshua Christus the child of evil, the child of ruin, who calleth himself the only son of Jeovah (יהוה) the Evil One!

    And damned be all those blind slaves who bend their knees before Jeovah (יהוה, Jhvh-Jhfh-Jschfesch) the god of lies and death!

    Damned be those and their bloodthirsty and murderous Jeovah (יהוה) damned until the End of Times!

    Behold human beings of the whole surface of the planet Earth, darkness, sadness, blood, unhappiness and the slaughter of wars covereth the whole planet Earth,

    And the foul nauseous stench of Jeovah Yahweh Zabaoth and his evil delusional only son the devilish Jesus Yahshua Y’hoshua Christus filleth the air corroding the souls of mankind!

    He is the god of slavery, the god Jeovah (יהוה), the god of lies, death and delusion and sadness!

    And wherever Jeovah Zabaoth the evil one putteth his dirty feet, there everybody will lose his freedom.

    Jeovah (יהוה) Yahweh Zabaoth is the enemy of life, and wherever Jeovah (יהוה) ruleth, there Jeovah (יהוה) forces the flesh and whole beautiful Nature to decay and die.

    Jeovah (יהוה) is the prince of ugliness, and wherever his sight falleth upon, there beauty veileth itself.

    Behold human beings of the whole surface of the planet Earth, because Jeovah (יהוה) Zabaoth the Evil One and his herd wander about the land;
    and they will not tolerate anybody which doeth not wander with them!

    So it is the sole and real True Creational Truth.
    So be it!


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