Urk, a caveman found frozen in ice, was an Alien contactee

CR 238/700


586. The next thing will happen in the Oetztal Mountains, on the Similaun glacier.
587. There the mummified remains, or more precisely the mummified corpse of a man will be found who has lost his life there 5,105 years ago and was preserved by nature’s forces.
588. His death happened at that time in such a way that he fell (Note by CF: not just from standing to the ground, but some distance down) – caused by an epileptic fit – and was severely injured by one of his own arrows when he fell on his back, just at the moment when a primeval ice storm started.
589. As a member of a group of 14 persons who had camped there in the mountains, he was left laying on the ground because of his critical injury. Since the remaining 13 human beings were fully occupied with saving their own lives, they did not care for him.
590. Nevertheless, not all of them survived, as several of them died in the ice needle storm.
591. The storm covered the mountains under (a) thick (layer of) ice, and in it the corpse of the “fallen one” remained mummified and preserved until today; so it (he? the corpse) will be found this year around the 20th of September by a mountain hiker, together with his equipment, like clothes and weapons, etc.
Fantastic. Do you also know what the man and his comrades wanted to do on the mountain, and who the man was, and where he came from?
592. Certainly, I can give you precise information.
593. His name was Urk, and he belonged to the sib of the Suren (plural), to a tribal community which lived on pile-dwellings. This was in Switzerland and before the time when the Vikings were settling in Central Switzerland and the other parts of Switzerland.
594. The pile-dwellings of the tribal community of the Suren were located in the banks of Lake Zurich, from where they took long expeditions which led them to the Mediterranean Sea and to the North Sea, to the Atlantic Ocean and even to the Bosporus.
595. At his death, Urk was exactly 37 years and 8 months old, and to be exact, 17 days.
596. The reason why he and his group was so far away from home in the Oeztal Mountains, was that he as the chief of his sib and as an influential man was in connection with our forbearers. Through them he gained certain knowledge and lived – just as all members of his entire sib – according to certain rules of our making.
597. Thus, the obeyed the hygienic rules which had been put up by us at much earlier times, which also related to the removal of unhygienic body hair growth.
598. After having been informed by our forebearers about the wideness of the countries in the East, many of the sib of the Suren felt an urge for the East. That’s why they set off under the guidance of their tribal chief Urk to discover the far-away countries and to find valuable material, like crystals and ore in accordance with that time, and flints and all kind of other things.
You could say then that this Urk was an original Swiss, so-to-say, whereby his mummified body would be brought to Switzerland. Research will surely be done on him, what then would righteously be the task of Swiss scientists, isn’t it?
599. If looked at it from a legal angle, it would have to be that way, that’s right.
600. However, neither the Austrians nor the Italians will be drawn into this, and they will mutually claim the right on the mummified body because there will be border disputes regarding the location where the corpse will be found.
601. Of course they wouldn’t pay any attention to my words and would call you a charlatan, cheat and liar, who would have purely invented my explanations, if you or someone else would make some claim on the mummy in the name of Switzerland.
That’s clear to me. – But why, that’s my question, were your forbearers in contact with this Urk, and of what kind were they?
602. The contact resulted from an unwanted stroke of fate, when a flying device of our forbearers had an accident.
603. Urk observed the emergency landing of the device and saved the life of two crew members when they – while exploring the surroundings – were attacked by a big bear and were severely injured, without having any chance to defend themselves in the first place.
604. From this happening resulted a deep friendship between Urk and the two space travellers, and so human beings of a still very primitive kind and very advanced form formed a very uncommon alliance.
605. Urk, who was naturally gifted and contrary to his sib comrades very understanding and knowing to a good extent, learned fast and became the leader of his sib within less than three years. According to the standards of that time he was wealthy und influential to a great degree, whereby it was helpful that it was frequently observed that the flying devices were landing or starting, with whose passengers Urk liked to have long talks, and since he was often taken into the flying devices for trips to somewhere.
At what age did he become the chief of the sib? And why didn’t your forbearers help him in that blizzard?
606. He was nearly 21 years old when he became the leader of his sib.
607. My answer to your second question is that our forbearers were not present when death came upon him, because they were occupied elsewhere and were absent for more than 18 years.
608. When they returned, Urk was already buried deep beneath the ice, and they let him lay there.
Aha, now the matter gets understandable.


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