Not all UFOs are from this Universe

CR 239/569

We’ll see, yes, whether something can actually be done. Something else: do you know anything about the fact that on June 1st of this year, which was the night of our monthly meeting, something special arose, on the one hand with us during the meeting, and on the other hand afterwards, and to be sure, after midnight, high in the sky?  
74. If your question refers to the fact that high in the sky, three perfectly circular light phenomena were visible for several hours behind the clouds, which were continually circling around in the same space that was many kilometers in diameter, and that there was a loud knocking at the door of the hall room where your meeting was held, then I can explain a few things about that to you.  
That’s exactly what it concerns, yes.  
75. Good, then listen:  
76. The knocking at the door was made by Nara (The Glorious One), the leader of our still-standing operating station.  

But now, what exactly were the weird lights, which must have been several hundred meters in diameter – and…  
82. Of course, I didn’t explain that:  
83. The three large, circling light phenomena, which lasted for several hours, were three spaceships that belonged to a larger fleet of our friends from the DAL Universe, who visited the Earth.  
84. They stayed in the terrestrial space for several days and, thus, also over your center and in its nearer environment.  
85. That night, they circled over the lakes of Pfäffikon and Greifensee, in order to investigate these.  
86. But in order to be protected from the prying eyes of the Earth people, they remained high above the high-floating clouds, but through which the luminous ionization shrouds could still be seen from the Earth, which shone through the clouds; however, this wasn’t observed by many people.  
It would have been nice if they had let us see them. Was Asket, perhaps, also there?  
87. No, she didn’t come into our Universe.  
88. The entire fleet consisted of missiles that were equipped solely for research purposes, including the three that you could observe.  

My First Real “UFO” Experience

by Christian Frehner, Switzerland  

It was in the early eighties, when I occasionally observed the starry night sky and, on occasion, observed moving, respectively flying, points of light that moved in various directions and at various speeds across the sky. Then, in each case, I always asked myself whether it was a satellite or even a so-called UFO. I was aware that satellites are only visible when they reflect sunlight. An object that would move into the so-called “Earth’s shadow,” while shining at the same time, would certainly not be a satellite! However, I always decided against looking deeper into the matter and inquiring, for example, about the orbital height of the satellites, respectively the dimensions of the Earth’s shadow, in relation to the different seasons and nighttimes. Somehow, it wasn’t so important to me to know whether the point of light was a so-called UFO or a satellite.


Then, on the night of the 1st to the 2nd of June, 1991, it had finally come so far that I, as it later turned out, would experience my first confirmed sighting of an extraterrestrial object, or more precisely, of three objects.


It was already after midnight, after our monthly Core Group General Assembly in the Semjase Silver Star Center, when I stood, together with other core group members, on the west side of the shed and saw in the southwesterly direction, hanging in the clouds in the sky, three bright “spots of light” circling around in large elliptical orbits. At first, I thought it might be a laser projection from a discotheque or an open air festival, etc., which was emitted into the clouds in the night sky for advertising purposes. I had been able to observe such at home at various times on weekends but, in each case, only a single point of light and in fast, hectic movements (this is understandable when one considers the hectic music and the desired advertising effect!). – Therefore, on the aforementioned evening, I had to agree with Billy when he excluded this possibility, since the three lights were really moving too slowly and over too wide of an area across the night sky. They weren’t airplanes, hot air balloons, or even swarms of insects, so what were they? – The solution to the mystery finally resulted on the occasion of Billy’s next meeting with Ptaah, which took place on the 20th of December, 1991. Ptaah explained that we had seen the luminous ionization shrouds of three very large spaceships originating from the DAL universe. These very large spaceships that were only equipped for research purposes and that were of a larger fleet moved high over the high cloud cover, in order to be able to pursue their research projects undisturbed, there above, in the area of Pfäffiker and Greifensee.


A Fantastic Spectacle  
by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier and Madeleine Brügger, Switzerland  

In the early morning hours, so around 1:30 AM, on the 2nd of June, 1991, we could observe from the Center, after our core group meeting, the following: we were sitting in the kitchen and drinking coffee when Elizabeth Moosbrugger came rushing in and asked us to accompany her outside, for there was something high in the sky that we shouldn’t let ourselves miss. So we – that is, Billy, his wife Kalliope (Popi), Jacobus Bertschinger, Christian Frehner, Andreas Schubiger, and I – hurried after Elizabeth, who had quickly left the kitchen again. Outside, we ran to her on the path to the parking lot, behind the FIGU Monument. Having reached the goal, Elizabeth drew our attention to three huge light phenomena that were visible in the westerly direction in the high-hanging clouds and that moved high over our position at the flagpole and the shed. The three disk-shaped spots of light, which became strongly apparent through the clouds below, exhibited a pulsating and rightward rotating motion. The light phenomena themselves were of a whitish color and were huge – conjectures amounting to about 300 meters in diameter, namely for every single one. Of course, we wondered about this phenomenon, about what exactly it could have been, but without result. Then, after an observation period of approximately one hour, the light phenomena suddenly disappeared. For some time, we continued to discuss in the kitchen what had been seen, whereby there was also talk of the fact that they could have possibly been laser projections. This idea was soon abandoned, however, because everything spoke against it, both the enormous sizes of the light spots as well as the pulsating and rotating motions, and above all, because it was abundantly clear that the clouds weren’t just illuminated from below and from the Earth but that this happened from above the clouds.

In the end, Billy, who also had no explanation, volunteered to ask Ptaah, the spaceship commander and Ischwisch of the Pleiades/Plejaren, on his next visit, whether he or any other person of his group knew anything about the phenomenon or whether the Pleiadians/Plejarens were, perhaps, even involved in it.  
On Friday, December 20, 1991, the long-awaited contact with Ptaah took place at 12:28 AM, after which we then learned from Billy what explanation there was for the light phenomena of the 2nd of June. As his Pleiadian/Plejaren friend explained to him, they were three large spaceships from the neighboring DAL Universe – the twin universe to ours, the DERN Universe, as the Pleiadians/Plejarens call this. The ships were on an exploration and research flight in our Universe, whereby they also inspected the Semjase Silver Star Center. Having entrenched themselves behind the dense clouds, in order not to stand out too much to the Earth people who were still wandering around like ghosts late at night, one could only see the light of their ionization shrouds as well as the rightward rotating and pulsating motions of the white light phenomena, which offered us observers a fantastic spectacle.  


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