Ptaah caught listening to a Julio Iglesias CD

CR 236/722


Indeed, you still appear. I already thought that you wouldn’t dare to come here again. If I’m not mistaken, you were already here last Monday, while I was away. That was on the 23rd. Is that true?
1. You speak the facts accordingly.
2. Yes, I was here in your workroom and waited for you for more than 45 minutes.
Aha, but unfortunately, I was on the move and didn’t return until 7:20 PM. But because you didn’t inform me that you were here, I went straight into the kitchen with some purchased goods under the arm and in the hand, while Eva had to carry a few things into the office. I was hardly there in the kitchen when Eva then came running along somewhat puzzled and asked me if I had turned on the CD player in my office and had put a CD into the apparatus. Upon asking her why she had come to this absurd idea, since she had seen that I had gone directly into the kitchen, she told me that in my office, interestingly enough, my CD device was running and was playing a musical piece of Julio Iglesias in a rather loud manner. Naturally, I rushed off immediately in order to investigate. And indeed: my CD device was turned on and was loudly playing the eighth piece of a Julio Iglesias disk. Straightway, I ran back into the apartment and asked my wife and the children if they had possibly been in my office and had turned on the CD player, which I had turned off at noon before I left with certainty, before I also removed the CD contained therein. But all of them answered my question negatively, and secondly, how could the children even get into my office, since they have no key to this room? Only my wife has such, and she insisted that she wasn’t in the office and that she also hadn’t given the key to the children at any time, so it still remained for me just to think of who could have otherwise been in my office, namely no one who would have needed a key in order to get into my workroom. The conclusion: it could have only been one of you, and since I really couldn’t name anyone who had been in there except you, I just had to assume that you were actually the one who turned on the power and the apparatus and played the Julio Iglesias CD.
3. Yes, you returned at exactly 7:21 PM, and 35 seconds later, Eva opened the door to her workroom, which is connected to your room by a direct passageway.
4. Unfortunately, I was carelessly given to the view that you yourself would come to your workroom first, so I was quite shocked, then, when it was Eva.
5. Therefore, somewhat hastily, I had to rise from my very comfortable resting position and leave the room, before Eva could notice me.
6. Apart from the fact that our mutual vibrations of various kinds could have caused some harm if these had met one another, Eva still would have surely been a lot more frightened than me if she would have met me.
7. For this reason of my hasty removal, it was, of course, no longer possible for me to turn off the music device.
8. On the other hand, Eva would have probably been even more surprised if the music had suddenly stopped, for she had heard this upon entering, like also Silvano, who was moving along the upper floor.
9. I must also confess to you that the music pieces heard by Eva and Silvano, which you hadn’t interrupted then, weren’t the first ones.
10. Before those, I listened to the sounds of the prisoners’ chorus from the classical piece “Nabucco,” but I also occupied myself with the Bolero and two country melodies.
You seem to be quite versatile in the matters of music.
11. You aren’t the only one who can enjoy and be refreshed in the most diverse styles of music.
12. Even as you love classical music, rock, country, truck songs, folk songs, pop, marching music, rap, soul, spirituals, gospel, and our music, as well as Oriental, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern music and rhythms of the natives, I, too, am just as versatile and have no fixed boundaries in reference to the style and direction of this very pleasing, loosening, and profound muse.

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