Killing the Dead Sea Scrolls

CR 236/722


Okay. Thanks. – What is actually up with the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls? Quetzal explained to me in 1985, just like Sfath shortly before his departure, that at the beginning of the year 1947, a nomadic shepherd had found ancient scrolls from the time before Jmmanuel’s birth in a cave near the village or place of Khirbet Qumran by the Dead Sea. However, neither Quetzal nor Sfath told me more details about it. Can you tell me more about it? I read somewhere that the scrolls of Jmmanuel or so are ascribed.
277. The scrolls of Qumran at the Dead Sea do not represent the history and teaching of Jmmanuel but rather of a self-appointed, megalomaniacal, and self-glorifying Jewish scribe, referred to as Son of God and highest of all angels, by the name of Menahem.
278. He was a revolutionary who mixed the old teachings of the Bible with new ideas and with his own ideas and – in this context, in a self-proclaimed manner – called himself prophet and referred his followers, with regard to his person, to the testimony of the prophet Isaiah regarding the coming Messiah, whereby he saw himself as this Messiah.
279. As a result of his actions and his delusion, he was rejected by the Pharisaic scribes and was ultimately pursued and threatened with death.
280. Menahem, the self-proclaimed prophet, founded the Essene sect, which was also known at that time as the Qumran Sect.
281. He was their supreme leader and maintained that he was the Son of God, and he related Isaiah’s statements – about the sufferings, the life, the crucifixion, and the alleged “resurrection from the dead,” which was announced by former prophets in reference to Jmmanuel – to himself and disseminated this.
282. Then, he actually became ostracized and pursued, in order to be murdered, then, in Jerusalem by Roman soldiers, after which he was left lying in an alleyway for three days, before he was taken and buried by sect members.
283. He had assembled 160 disciples around himself, who then invented and spread the alleged story of the Resurrection and the Ascension after some time.
284. The false prophet, in an arrogant and megalomaniacal manner, called himself “The Beloved” and “The Companion of the King,” and by this, he meant God-King.
285. Thus, in his delusion, he presumed himself as the chosen Messiah and saw himself seated on the “Throne in the Council of the Gods and Angels,” so therefore, also seated in heaven at the right hand of God.
286. Unlike Jmmanuel, who never called himself Messiah, who also didn’t see himself as such and who forbade his disciples from ever calling him such, Menahem was eager to be regarded, respected, and revered as Messiah.
287. And when, in the future, it will be claimed by those who are ignorant that Jmmanuel had received the teachings of Menahem, which will happen in the foreseeable time, it will not only represent falsehood but also defamation and slander against Jmmanuel and the true teaching.
288. Jmmanuel did not receive or continue on a tiny piece of the self-styled sect leader, for the truth is that the prophet Menahem, out of his own grace and as a stroke of fate, encountered the secret, old-traditional teaching of the spirit, which was reported to him in an oral manner.
289. It was the true teaching, as taught by the ancient prophets, and then also taught by Jmmanuel, in the execution of his mission and also in detail to certain parts, according to the instructions of Gabriel and several others who were involved in the affair.
290. From this, it cannot and may not in any way be said in the coming time that Jmmanuel had used Menahem’s teachings for his own purposes.
291. Such an assertion corresponds to a bad misrepresentation of the actual truth.
292. In the coming time, a large number of books will be written about the Qumran Scrolls, but these won’t contain the facts, unfortunately, but rather untenable theories and assertions, etc. and, thus, not the truth and not the real connections, and these won’t reveal the reality.
293. But back to the false prophet, Menahem:
294. He had succumbed to the delusion that he had reached a superhuman state, where he saw himself as immune to carnal desires and as standing over every possible capacity for physical suffering, and he also said this.
295. A nonsense that he also preached all around, not just within his sect.
296. In equal measure, he also presumed himself as the most glorious in magnificence person and, at the same time, the most despicable person on Earth, but only despicable in the eyes of his adversaries.
297. In his delusion, he also presumed himself as absolutely infallible and as elevated above the whole world, as this is found as a parallel with the Pope.
298. Furthermore, he was so blinded and arrogant in his delusion that he himself described his false teachings and speeches as absolutely incomparable.
299. In very great measure, he glorified himself and saw himself not only as Messiah and Prophet but also as God himself.
So Jmmanuel had no connection at all with the Qumran Sect, respectively with the Qumran Essene Sect.
300. That corresponds to what I explained.

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