Atlantis had FOUR locations – Here they are

CR 219/700

Then that would also be clear. So thus the next question, namely about Atlantis. If I remember correctly, Semjase once said that there hadn’t been only two Atlantises, the Great Atlantis and the Small Atlantis. Do you know about this?

126. Yes.
127. There were four different Atlantises, so the New Atlantis beyond the Pillars of Hercules, between the Azores and Spain.

128. Then there was the Small Atlantis that existed in the Mediterranean Sea in the area of Santorini, and then Old Atlantis is to be mentioned, on which later, after its downfall, Troy was built, while Great Atlantis had its existence in the Atlantic.

129. The Atlanteans of Great Atlantis were the rulers over all four Atlantises and their peoples, for they all belonged to the same origin.

130. Thus, a central government was given, but the administration of the various Atlantises took place through authorized representatives, who were called the Litent.



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