Milk- It doesn’t always do a body good

CR 217

Now that you mention it, I remember again. Yes, Ptaah spoke of around a billion degrees. But now, something else: particularly in Switzerland and in Germany, a lot of advertising is always made for how milk should be healthy and a calcium dispenser. However, Ptaah once said that this doesn’t correspond to the truth. I also heard this repeatedly from physicians and scientists. What’s up with this?

30. What Ptaah explained to you and what you’ve otherwise heard repeatedly about milk is correct.
31. Milk is very well a great source of energy, but not necessarily healthy and tolerable for every person.
32. But in particular, milk may not be awarded those health values that are publicized, for example, by the milk producers and by the responsible persons of the milk industry and other utilizers of milk who produce food and beverages.
33. In fact, milk, particularly cow’s milk, contains many substances that aren’t exactly to be designated as health-promoting.
34. Unfortunately, also in reference to milk calcium, many erroneous views and assertions prevail, for this doesn’t promote bone structure but is truly a robber of calcium, which removes the body’s own calcium, even from the bones, by what means there isn’t a supply of calcium to the body and the bones through milk but, on the contrary, a removal of calcium.
35. And since, as a rule, too little calcium is already otherwise supplied to the body – as this is also the case for many vitamins, trace elements, and minerals because today’s foods, even fruits and vegetables that become more and more over-cultivated, contain less and less of these substances – the Earth person should take this separately or add this to his normal diet as a food supplement.

(editors note: When in college I first learned about the milk backlash and false propaganda from my childhood, and read a study in which the highest consuming country of dairy products in the world had the highest rate of osteoporosis in the world. I think it was Holland or Denmark or thereabouts. Imagine that.)

(Also, in a previous contact report, milk is mentioned as having many good and healthy amino acids and proteins. However, that would most likely be farm fresh milk. Who knows what we get in the supermarket..)

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