An Extraterrestrial explanation of Coffee and Tea fighting fatigue

CR 214

As a doctor and physician, etc., you can surely explain to me how fatigue arises, right?

38. I can do that.
39. In the nerve cells, the resting substance, adenosine, is formed, through which listlessness and fatigue arise.

And – can this actually be counteracted with coffee and tea?

40. The waking amine, caffeine, of coffee and the theine of tea can actually counteract the adenosine.
41. If substances such as caffeine or theine, etc. are fed to the body while it is lethargic, tired, and in need of recuperation, then these will produce a counter-effect with respect to the adenosine, namely by suppressing or neutralizing this, whereby the maximum effect of the caffeine and theine or other similar waking amines will be achieved, but only about 1 ½ hours after their consumption.
42. But soon, the effect of the waking amines will diminish again, which means for the body in need of recuperation and for its nerve cells which produce the adenosine that now, the resting substance must be increasingly produced, by what means listlessness and fatigue become apparent in an intensified form.

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