Know the largest animal in the world? Wrong!

CR 213/569


That is just so among the Earthlings. But back to the sailor’s yarn: since ancient times, sailors have told tales about sea-monsters that they would have seen, and such monsters should have always had such enormous proportions that they should have pulled even large oceangoing vessels into the deep. In particular, these old stories exist about giant squid with enormously long tentacles. Have you ever tried to investigate these stories, and what should actually be thought of these, as well as of these sea-monsters? Are these actually real, or is it all, in the end, just a great sailor fabulation?
134. These sailors’ stories throughout the centuries are familiar to us, and we have, in fact, endeavored to clarify them.
135. And even though many fabulations, as you say, can be found in these sailors’ stories, there existed, and there actually exists, the described sea-monsters, if one wants to call them such.
136. At the same time, there are different genera, as well as specific species that developed from these, but so far, these have not yet been discovered, respectively have not been found, by the earthly researchers and scientists.
137. And since you speak of squid in particular, I can tell you this, that there are actually such gigantic creatures in the oceans; it’s just that they live at very great depths and only rarely come to the surface of the ocean.
138. The largest of these giant squids – which we found at great ocean depths, so at a depth of more than 2,000 meters – exhibited a height of 25 meters, from which emerged 10 tentacles, which were 99.6 meters in length.[2]
139. But we only found this size among the cephalopods, while other gigantic animals only exhibited sizes of up to 52 meters, such as calamari.
Cephalopod – so squids, which are also known to us as cuttlefishes.
140. That is correct.






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