CR 127/700 How many elements should REALLY be in the PERIODIC TABLE

CR 127/700

Then something will, indeed, soon arise. But now, another question: A long time ago, I once asked you for the total number of all elements in the universe. At that time, you told me that you wouldn’t be allowed to give any information about that, unless the exact number would be found out by the human beings of Earth themselves. Now, again to the question about the number of elements and whether there is a star in the universe, where all these elements are found together?

57. There is no such star, because that would be against the laws of Creation.

Ah, good. Is it right that the total number of elements is 280?

58. How did you come across this result?

It wasn’t me, my child, but Guido. For my part, I’ve only calculated that this number must, indeed, correspond to the correctness because it has been found that this number, multiplied in a sevenfold form with the original height of the Giza Pyramid, results in the current speed of light to the tenths place exactly.

59. You are simply unbelievable.
60. The number of the elements is just as correct as also your calculation with the sevenfold multiplying of the original pyramid height.
61. The end result actually yields the exact number of the present light constant.

How Guido actually came across the number 280, that I don’t know exactly. He only wrote me a calculation formula. It’s important there, however, that the base number 280 is right, with which I could calculate further and do some checks. So I simply applied the pyramid height number to this 280 and then multiplied the result in a unique sevenfold form, from which then the result of the speed of light arose.

62. You shouldn’t make these results known too much yet, however.

You mean that I should remain silent about it?

63. Sure, at least about the numerical values of the real original pyramid height.
64. Up to now, this is still unknown to the terrestrial scientists of certain fields of knowledge, and it wouldn’t be good if they would get to know these already now.
65. In two to three years, however, this number being made known won’t play a large role anymore.

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