20 people named out of 50 who had E.T. contact or sightings as of 1975

81. Sure.
82. Then I will mention the list to you.
83. With all of these contact persons, it only involves people on Earth who this [last] century truly, in any form, which not always was physical, have been in contact, or still are in contact, with extra-terrestrials intelligences. (Up to 1975)
84. Several of them have already departed from Earth.
85. There were also others who were contacted by force.
86. This list only contains the most important contact persons, because, in reality, there are more who are unofficially known.
87. And when I say unofficially, then, just as little as my father, do I think of the general public of the earthly world, but of small unofficial circles which spread certain truth, but who do not mention that among them are persons are who have some kind of contact with extra-terrestrials.
88. The persons who I now will name are earth people, who are not of very big importance concerning the spiritual teaching, but nevertheless make an earth public appearance to some extent.
89. Eng. Dr. h.c. Daniel Fry/USA.    Later revised.
90. Mr. Fry was granted flight permission, namely from a species of space travellers from a space time structure of a foreign kind. (Beware of religious statements, because these originate from him.)
91. Prof. Joao Freitas de Guimares/Brazil.
92. Under no circumstances did he have flight permission, but only real vision contact in this form.
93. Victor Schauberger/Austria.
94. Mr. Schaubergers contact with extra-terrestrial intelligences was restricted solely to impulse telepathic forms.
95. Gustav Meyrink / Austria.
96. By profession he was a mystic and produced several impulse telepathically received works.
97. Ray Stanford / USA.
98. Sight contact person and real vision contact person.
99. Mario Bertossi / Germany.
100. His contact with extra-terrestrials was of purely technical nature and lasted only a time amounting to seconds – split second.
101. Albert Einstein / Germany / Switzerland / USA.
102. Was in direct contact with extra-terrestrial intelligences and moreover, was an old spirit form of them, incarnated on Earth.
103. Albert Schweitzer/France /Africa.
104. The information is the same as for Albert Einstein.
105. Both persons stood on the same consciousness and spiritual level, therefore also the striking similarity.
106. Charles Hickson/USA.
107. This person was forcibly contacted.
108. Calvin Parker/USA
109. Also he was forcibly contacted.
110. Betty Hill/USA.     Later revised.
111. Was forcibly contacted.
112. Barney Hill/USA   Later revised.
113. Was also forcibly contacted.
114. In addition to these forcible contacted earth people, there exist another 31, but these are not of great importance.
115. However, the four named here are of great importance.
116. This with regard to their forced contacting.
117. Josefina Burkmen/South Africa.
118. She was granted flight permission (keeps silent).
119. The extra-terrestrials were the same as with Daniel Fry/USA
120. Juri Gagarin / USSR
121. Dr. James E. McDonald/USA.
122. He was a physicist and was in telepathic contact with extra-terrestrial intelligences, something he nevertheless persistently remained silent about.
123. Rudolf Steiner/Switzerland.
124. impulse telepathic contacts with extra-terrestrials.
125. Alois Rickenbach/Switzerland.
126. Personal contact with extra-terrestrials, who do not belong in your space time structure.
127. Extra-terrestrials as with Fry.
128. Remains silent about it, however, but not to Hans Jacob.
129. Horst Raps/Germany.
130. Real vision contact.
131. Charles A. Maney/USA.
132. In direct contact with extra-terrestrials as with Fry, but remained persistently silent about it.
133. Arthur Berlet/Brazil.
134. Real vision contact.
135. Wilbert B. Smith/Canada.
136. In direct contact with extra-terrestrials as with Fry, but kept persistently silent, following orders.
137. Was transferred to become head of Project Magnet.
138. This is the list which I am allowed to mention to you for the time being.
139. I am not yet allowed to provide any information about three more, and publicly known on Earth, contact persons.

This information was later revised and an update can be found here:


3 thoughts on “20 people named out of 50 who had E.T. contact or sightings as of 1975

  1. I read Daniel Fry’s book. It’s called the “White Sands Incident”. It is cool. Not a long book. The book is really two parts- his account, and an additional part from a friend. They say the second part is not legit, so it is just someone’s opinion piece and not related to actual E.T. contact. Still, Daniel gives his account of flying in a UFO ship from White Sands area to New York and back. I would like to research the other cases now. Betty and Barney Hill is the most talked about- you can probably hear accounts of it on the History Channel or other places. It’s the typical “grey” abduction cases, where they didn’t remember anything, except it all came out in a hypnosis session. Enjoy!


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