What if you had 900 more years to live?

Contact Report 184/569

Nice, then once a question concerning your person. I estimate that you are about the same age as
Semjase. Is that right?

41. In terms of age, I am somewhat younger because since my birth, 314 years have passed.

And is your average age also around a thousand years?

42. I don’t understand your question?

I know; it was illogical. My question should be whether your average age of your life expectancy is also around a thousand years, as this is the case with the Pleiadians.

43. In this regard, the average age with us is set a little lower, namely at 987 years.

Certainly; otherwise, something will escape you. But now, something else, namely because of our paraphernalia. I know very well that you are extremely correct and also act accordingly in all matters. Nevertheless, couldn’t one let a little more mildness prevail?

50. Your question is quite clear to me.
51. But with everything, you should note that forbearance can and may only be exercised when mistakes appear but never with misdemeanors and violations.
52. Besides, as I have discovered with many and the most diverse Earth people, they are of the opinion that as a result of their Earth humanity, they are entitled to be allowed to commit misdemeanors and offenses because their evolution, their knowledge, and their intelligence don’t correspond to ours and only correspond to those of the Earth person.
53. But by no means may such an incorrect attitude be acceptable, neither for the Earth people, nor for us, nor for other human life forms of any lower evolutionary stage.
54. In another form, the mistaken notion also inexplicably prevails with many that as a result of their age, because they are already 25 or 32 years old or even older, they would be free from wrong decisions and false actions and that their actions would correspond to that of an adult person, etc., but this truly only corresponds to misconceptions.
55. Although the average age of the Earth person is about 52 years, and the European person can presently reckon the highest level of a 78-year average, unfortunately, this won’t mean for a long time that a person at this age would be mature and knowledgeable.
56. Through all sorts of injustice, mismanagement, and improper lifestyles, the average age of the Earth person fell to minimal values, whereby he lost around nine hundred years of life, to which he was subjected at very early times, after he was overcome by great periods of rapid evolutionary processes.
57. Through this, the Earth person ages completely physically in much less than a century, by what means he moves from life to death while still in the child’s developmental stage.
58. Human life – in our and, thus, also in the earthly sense, for the Earth people found a physical union with our ancestors – has an average age between 964 and 1,089 years, whereby other alien races and our human life forms exhibit much lower or much higher life expectancies.
59. But in our and in the Earth people’s case, an average age of around a thousand years must be noted because all our races stand in physical and old-customary solidarity, equipped with the corresponding genetic make-up of the corresponding high life expectancy.
60. If the Earth person, through old-conventional maltreatment and wrong lifestyles as well as criminal genetic manipulations, etc., already dies at the age of 70 or 80 years and has gone to ruin to the aging process during this time, then this entirely corresponds to a misdirected life process, which was maliciously established by foreign compulsion and even by the people of this world themselves over long periods of time, by what means the Earth person exchanges life for death while still in his childhood.
61. At about 75 years of age, the Earth person would have to be only so far along naturally that he would actually reach adulthood at this time at the earliest and would also first become marriageable at this time, as you say.
62. Compared to us, the Earth person, at the age of 70 to 80 years, dies during his childhood, whereby he prematurely grows old during this period and is incorporated into a cell-decay.
63. But this age range never suffices, at least not for our races, whose life expectancy should be valued at about a thousand years, in which the Earth people are also included, in order actually to become an adult.
64. The time does not suffice; it is simply much too short.
65. An Earth person, at the age of 50 years, is truly at the age of puberty and, thus, is still an adolescent, and yet, through his wrong thinking, he wants to be more developed and more capable of making decisions than we, who are already at least 3 to 4 times older and, thus, have much more experience, which can normally never be given to an Earth person in a single existence because the normal lifetime of the Earth person is limited to childhood through many ills, etc.
66. In addition, if we still look at the relations between us and the Earth people, then it follows that also in reference to learning and the collecting of experience, the Earth person severely disadvantages himself because out of what is possible for him to learn during about 70 years of life, he only learns an average of 11.6%, which means that he simply ignores 88.4%, overlooks this, or consciously resists it.
67. But this has the effect that an Earth person at the age of 70 years only has a volume of evolutionary progress and an actual knowledge of a child who is a little more than 7 years old.

One has already explained these things to me several times, but even though everything is regrettable, it still can’t be changed overnight.

68. That corresponds to the truth.
69. But within seconds, this knowledge could be taken up, be processed, and be accepted in every single Earth person, after which, accordingly, a change would have to take place towards progress, which would also entail that every Earth person recognizes his own little self as being so small, as this is actually the case.
70. They would then also hear from us that we are truly older, more knowledged, and also wiser siblings.
71. And they would pay attention to our advice, without stupidly, primitively, unjustly, and unreasonably criticizing us, for then the Earth person would recognize his true tininess and inadequacy against us, from which the realization could then mature, that they, the Earth people of every age, are actually nothing more than just immature and ignorant children or toddlers, even though during childhood, their bodies already pass through a rapid aging process, accompanied by long-term damages and long-term failures.

It would really be something if the people of the Earth would think a little more.

72. It would be very good for them.
73. But now, my time has become scarce.
74. Until we meet again.

Bye, Zitronata.

75. ???

Until next time – I’ll explain it to you then. Bye.

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