Druans- human E.T.s from the NOL system, 3.1 million light years away

Contact Report 184/569

Saturday, April 9, 1983, 11:16 AM

You responded very quickly to my call; although, it didn’t have to be so rushed now. It still could have waited until tomorrow.

1. Not only your call persuaded me to come to you but also an important concern that makes some information necessary for you.
2. It could very well be that in the coming months, contacts with other people from SOL-foreign stars await you.

Oh, I see; you come in on both sides of the same thing. From my side, I mainly had a question about something rather strange that we could observe yesterday on the 8th of April. High in the eastern sky, I noticed a bright light at 8:14 PM, about 4 to 5 times as large as Venus. At first, I thought of the evening star, thus Venus, before it dawned on me that Venus is only visible to us in the southern and western hemisphere. Then, I looked at the bright light a little more closely, and I noticed that it was located in strange shifts of color, which permeated all the colors of the rainbow spectrum, and changes in form also arose. Consequently, I hurried into my office and grabbed my binoculars, through which I could then largely account for and observe the strange light formation in the sky, which was about a meter in size. To me, it seemed to be like a Fata Morgana,*[mirage] whose form changed constantly, and it also seemed to be somewhat transparent, so just like with a Fata Morgana. I estimated the altitude of the object to be about 35,000 meters and that it was at a distance of about 18 to 20 kilometers away from our vantage point. What I still assessed during the observation was that on the right side, various small objects separated themselves from the large object and flew away. Moreover, I also saw that on the large object itself, there were several dark points and spots as well as outgrowths and the like. I already saw something similar on the Great Spacer of Ptaah, which is why I was of the opinion that it had to have been a spaceship, but which one only saw as a Fata Morgana or just simply as a reflection. I interpreted the flying-away, glittering points to the right of the object to be beamships, while I supposed that the dark points and spots, as well as the outgrowths, had to be hangars and such, similar to the superstructures on Ptaah’s ship. Now, if I consider the size of the light of the object together with its distance, then I calculate that the ship’s size must have been around 320 to 340 meters in diameter.

3. Before I came here, Quetzal warned me about you because we very well observed that the incident of the form mentioned by you hadn’t remained undetected by you.

Oh – and why did Quetzal warn you about me?

4. He listened in on your conversation with Thomas and explained to me the information and estimated measures that you gave to Thomas, which come very close to reality.
5. The object sighted by you actually is a spaceship, but which you were only able to see as a reflection, even while the ship hovered directly over your center in order to investigate the place and those people who are, for us, the most significant mission-engaged ones on the Earth.
6. For security reasons, which were made known to you by us, the aircraft was shielded from view, and it creates a form of reflection that is completely alien to our technology, which becomes visible in the atmosphere many kilometers away.
7. Other people don’t just have the same technology as we ourselves, which is well-known to you.
8. Thus, the Druans, with regard to screening technology, have completely different forms than what we possess.
9. But now, a word about your estimates:
10. The visible reflection of the aircraft sighted by you was 26,000 meters away from your location, while the altitude of the reflection amounted to 36,000 meters, with a ship’s diameter of 350 meters.
11. Thus, your calculations are more than just astonishingly good, which surprises me, despite Quetzal’s advance warning.
12. Also, your remaining descriptions of your observations demand admiration from me.

You said something about the Druans.

13. The aircraft is a spaceship of the planet Druan, whose human life forms we, thus, call the Druans.
14. They are a very far-developed and extremely peaceful human race that can bring some innovations to our own technology.
15. The planet Druan lies in the NOL system, which belongs to a galaxy whose size is about 1.7 times larger than ours, and this galaxy is located 3.10 million light-years away from the SOL system.

Special event on the 8th of April, 1983, 8:15 PM

“Just as I was going to get additional tools for our current masonry work, Silvano suddenly said to Billy that there was a large light in the sky. Abruptly, I went back again to see whether it was the light that had already aroused my attention a few minutes before, of which I hadn’t properly become aware, however. Billy abruptly ran into the house to get his binoculars. We searched for a suitable place and observed the thing. After a brief observation, Billy said suddenly: “Phenomenal, look through here.” And I looked through.

What I saw made me stop breathing for a short time.

There, very clearly and unambiguously, we saw a structure in the sky, without a definite shape, which constantly changed its form, whose color also slowly changed, fading into a variety of shades. At Billy’s request, I then ran into the house in order to call the others and let them see this. Having quickly returned to Billy, I was allowed to look through the binoculars once again. This time, the object was a shimmering light-pink (like, for example, the “living nebula” in Star Trek: Enterprise, etc.). I could recognize a form with certainty, even though this was actually rather difficult because of the constant variations. Approximately, I could notice this form myself.

Seen with the naked eye, one could see that the “thing” was about 5 times larger than Venus (the brightest and largest “star-like object” in the sky). What was evident to me, and also to Billy and some others who had come to us in the meantime, was the vertical, wedge-shaped structure that remained during the entire time of our observation. According to Billy’s estimate, this object was to be observed about 35,000 meters high in the sky and about 18,000 meters away.

Afterwards, as we sat in the kitchen discussing this, Louis confirmed that he had seen the bright object for a little longer than 45 minutes. Engelbert only looked at the “little object” for a short time and then turned away, for it was nothing special to him – he had already seen much more amazing things.

The next day, Billy told us at work that Taljda had also confirmed our sighting to him in the 184th Contact. She explained that it had been a ship of 350 meters in diameter, which had its origin far from the Earth.

On my side, I will retain this extraordinary incident in my best memory and as a commemorative, in sincere love, of our friends on Druan.”

Thomas Kellar, Switzerland

In 1975, I was already a little further away than just a stone’s throw – on my great journey, you know. Therefore, a couple million light years don’t frighten me and, thus, no longer impress me. Everything eventually becomes a habit.

16. Of course, but that’s not why I explained this data to you.

You also generally have no sense of humor.

17. Oh, I see; this is what I was warned of by Quetzal.
18. Your often strange sense of humor.

Even so – it’s a nuisance, but you said something about the fact that I might get a visit – probably from these dear Druans?

19. That was my speech.
20. The Druans are on an expedition here on Earth, for at least 5 to 6 months, but in accordance with our experience, it could more likely last for years.
21. During this time, their spaceship and their accompanying missiles can very often be seen by the Earth people, but initially and during the first weeks, this was only in Europe.
22. After that, the Druan ships could then also be sighted over other continents of the Earth.
23. So if the Earth people keep their eyes open, then they will very often be able to observe the aircraft.

This will probably result in particularly sly and scientifically super-clever explanations, such as balloons, etc. What does the object actually look like, if one disregards the distorted reflection?

24. Just like a discus-shaped object; although, a completely different form is reflected outwardly by a special shield, which can be compared to the cone and facets of a rock crystal.

Does this, then, also appropriately give off all the colors of the spectrum?

25. You apparently aren’t ignorant of such things.

It’s a simple prism principle that one here already learns in kindergarten, like, for example, when one allows glass beads with abrasive surfaces to sparkle in the sunlight.

26. You never seem to be shy around answers.

Yes, that’s why I also own speech organs. But now, you still haven’t told me anything about the possible contacts.

27. That – of course, it had escaped me.
28. Thus, there is the possibility that a responsible person from the staff of the Druan ship, perhaps even several, will enter into contact with you.
29. In any case, they are interested in such contact, after we came to an agreement with them and discussed with them in detail, whereby we also explained to them our common mission on Earth.

And – what can they want, then, from me? As an Earthling, I can’t really offer them anything.

30. You’re too modest.
31. Think once of the leading teachers on Erra.
32. The Druans are also people like us.

(Florena’s Note – 1/08/2004: The Plejarens and the Druans established intensive contact with each other. In the course of two years, negotiations took place over an admission of the Druans into the Plejaren Federation, which found its fulfillment with the integration of the Druans in February, 1985. At the same time, they agreed on the integration of the Druans into the spirit teachings, as this is taught by the Plejarens, because the spirit teachings of the Druans are in conformity with the teachings of the Plejarens, as they are also taught by Billy on Earth. On the 11th of May, 1985, Quetzal, accompanied by a Druan named Zeltan [= the thoughtful], appeared to Billy and explained to him that the spirit teachings, which Billy prepares for the Plejaren spirit leadership, would also be passed on to the Druans in the future for learning purposes. The Contact with Zeltan [= the thoughtful] remained unique, however. Since that time, the Druans have been working with Billy’s teachings.)

Too much of the honor.

33. That isn’t so.

I think so, nevertheless. But tell me, you always speak as though you yourself would see it as the Pleiadians do. How does this happen, since you come, nevertheless, from the Vega and Lyra systems?

34. Really nothing escapes you.
35. Your statement corresponds to the truth, to which it actually belongs.
36. I want to formulate the answer to your question relating to this in such a way:
37. The Pleiadians, as you call them, thus our mutual friends, originally came from our systems, assuming that we take as a reference point that period when their ancestors left our systems.
38. Unlike what the Earth people do, direct contact was maintained between the emigrants and those left behind on the home worlds to this day, upright and intact, even though a lot has changed in the way of life and in the overall development of the two poles: different forms of technology developed and, more or less, differences in the overall evolution also arose.
39. But the preserved connection was and is and will remain such that we see ourselves as a single people, even though we have our home worlds many light-years apart.

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4 thoughts on “Druans- human E.T.s from the NOL system, 3.1 million light years away

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  2. It is a shame that we can not get help here to solve the problems which are created artificially to have total control over the planet. The people and our planet needs action as soon as possible to restrain the governments from keeping people in this 3 dimensional dream which is not life and what it stands for. People are dying for the lack of the real knowledge.


    • We have help. It is the teachings of the Plejaren and Billy Meier. It is a shame they can’t help directly, and I agree with your point. More help and solutions are found in the contact reports, Might of The Thoughts, Goblet of The Truth, and other books and articles by Billy Meier.


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