CR 173/700- Thousands of friendly, big, small, strange E.T.’s visiting the Center

Contact Report 173- E.T. visitors to center – 1982


I understand. Then I’ll just see her later. Do you have any other news?
3. Certainly, I have some.
4. You know that your center has become a recreation center for us.
5. There, we all feel very well, happy, and secure.
6. But the center hasn’t just become a resort to us but rather a true home.
7. Moreover, you should understand my words properly, for I specifically say that it has become a true home to us, not just a spare home.
8. We all feel at home in the center, which is why we very often spend all of our leisure time there – all of us who are from Erra as well as all those whose home worlds are different from ours but who, nevertheless, fulfill their duties here on the Earth and cooperate with us.
9. And for this reason, I would ask you to make it clear to your group members that from now on, they must be prepared every now and then to meet humans at night, in or around the center, who are foreign to the Earth, and in this context, there is also the possibility that light phenomena, etc. will appear if materializations of our allies occur and so on.
10. But there is nothing to be afraid of or to fear, for as you know, all our allies are also peaceful people, who inflict no harm on anyone or on any life form.
11. The most that could happen would be a shock-induced defensive reaction, if any group member would deliberately commit a frightening action, either for fun or out of malice, etc.
12. In the case of an encounter with one of our allies, who can endure the Earth-human vibrations and, therefore, do not need to be protected by invisibility, etc., it is to be declared to the group members that in such a case, they should not make any attempt to communicate but simply step aside in order to let the respective visitor pass, who will usually take no further notice of the presence of the respective group members.
13. We and our allies come to the center in order to relax and also for the purpose of our home world, which means for all of us that no entertainment or work should be associated with it.
14. Moreover, a conversation would be impossible in many cases because many of us and our allies do not master any earthly languages but only understand these through the use of translators, which may not be in operation as a result of a certain purpose-driven order from our home center that is connected to such a visit.
15. Thus, every difficulty can be avoided if on the part of the group members, no attempts of contact are made, neither through any attempts of communication nor through any attempts of physical contact.
16. This must be made completely clear to the group members because such attempts could be misinterpreted, by what means there could be a defensive reaction which, under certain circumstances, would produce rather unpleasant consequences for that particular group member, if he would be struck by a paralysis vibration or by the force of a stun gun, such things finding their use among our various allies during a fright-reaction.
17. So it is fitting that neither attempts of address nor attempts of physical contact take place if there is an encounter, whether the outer appearance of the respective visitor appears to be so very human, according to Earth’s sense, or whether it appears to be completely foreign to the Earth.
I think that this should be understandable to the group members when I explain it to them. But in addition, I would like to ask you something: when you say that ALL of you and your allies come here and that they view our center as a true home, then this would have to amount to 2,500 people, and secondly, they would then be here very often, right? Isn’t that a little too much traffic?
18. It may be that every night, they will be visiting among you because in truth, the entire number of visitors to the center amounts to 2,862 life forms.
19. But in general, it will be such that they move cautiously, so as not to meet the group members directly.
20. Nevertheless, chance encounters, etc. can hardly be avoided.
21. In addition, you must be very certain that there is order around the edifices and on the paths and roads and that no materials of any kind stand about or are lying around, as has often been the case and which has already repeatedly led to small accidents – even with us.
That is a right amount of people, man oh man. And if you speak of all, then that means that actually everyone comes, thus the small elves, just as also the largest ones, the middle-grade ones, the luminous ones, the ones with luminous eyes, and all others.
22. That is correct.
23. The largest of our allies, Andron, is 5 meters and 26 centimeters tall according to earthly measures, and then there is Danel under him, who is 2 meters and 48 centimeters tall.
24. The smallest ones are around 70 centimeters tall, and then there are those whose eyes illuminate very brightly and whose eyes are on the upper forehead of the skull.
I know, but then there are those whose entire bodies fluoresce, or those whose bodies illuminate radiantly, along with those who always practice gymnastics on elevated places, such as on rooftops and trees, etc.
25. That is correct, but in addition to these, there are still other variously-formed life forms, but they are all of human genus and species.
Yes, of course, such as one, of whom someone might think that a rubber ball rolls across the ground.
26. That is correct; this is also under them.
Then it may, indeed, be quite clear, but tell me: is there, perhaps, a possibility for us that we may take photographs?
27. This question had to come, this we knew.
28. Yes, you may; although, it requires a momentary bright light at night to do so.
29. Since we already knew your question about this, we’ve already discussed these things.
30. All agree to this, without exception, and they are already preparing for the fact that a short and bright light could suddenly flash if anyone of you takes photos.
31. However, it must be ensured that each time, no more than two pictures are taken with such flashing light.
Of course – many thanks.

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