CR 155/758- Drifting Planet Disrupted Earth and Sol System from 1511 BC to 753 BC

CR 155 of 758    Dec 1981

1511 B.C. to 753 B.C. –
A bright wandering planet 1.4 times the size of the Earth’s moon breaks into the SOL system. Of unknown origin, it comes in from space and breaks into the orbit of Venus, in order to disturb its course. It then passes dangerously close to the Earth and disturbs its orbit and balance, whereby the Earth, in the course of about 158 years, is disturbed by the wanderer that returns several times, and the Earth is even reversed in its rotation, accompanied by apocalyptic disasters, by which the cardinal directions and the annual revolution of the Earth around the Sun are changed in such a way that the orbital period drops up to 284 days. Worldwide fires, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions are the consequences and leave their marks on the Earth. Continental parts and islands sink into the seas, while new portions of land are pushed upward.

68. That is of correctness; this wanderer moved in a staggering course around the Sun for 758 years, and it repeatedly brought the Earth, Venus, and Mars into distress and hardship, and especially the inhabited Earth was endangered very much and was covered with catastrophes.
69. The human beings of the Earth still worsened the catastrophes by causing whole empires to fall through wars, destruction, murder, and plundering, when certain countries hadn’t been very badly affected by the catastrophes.
70. And this entire catastrophe and insanity process lasted for a long 758 years, namely up to the year 753 B.C.
71. But all that wasn’t enough, for after the year 1151 B.C., the Destroyer, with its next return, also brought new terrors and fears for the human beings of the Earth, but which you already mentioned in your records.
72. For eleven days, the Earth drifted in the tail of the Destroyer, causing smaller disasters in this passageway…………….

Another question about this: here, you’ve only given me the primary data; therefore, there still should have been other incidents of lesser importance.
73. That is of correctness, but on the one hand, they really aren’t very important, and on the other hand, they are part of a much earlier history, such as the destruction of the planet Malon, over which you are oriented and have also received information about it.
74. The Earth was also slightly affected at that time, when this inhabited planet exploded, having been destroyed by human hands.
When was that anyway?
75. At the time of the building of the pyramids, so about 73,000 years ago.


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