Oh My GOTT- 283

An excerpt from the “Goblet of the Truth”, a non-religious, non-denominational, book of spiritual teachings based on the natural laws of Creation.

283) Be at all times peaceful to those who believe themselves to be your enemies, who fight you and drive you from one place to another; and love those who call themselves your enemies for the sake of their dignification (being human in the real and true sense) as people of your kind, and do not hate them because of their bad deeds, but only assess their bad deeds and do not make assessments about the people of your kind (human beings) as people of your kind (human beings); and wherever you meet any who give themselves as your enemies, then do not deem them to be enemies on your own account either; do not kill (murder) them or drive them away, but offer them the hand of peace and create friendship between you and them; therefore do not pursue those who believe themselves to be your enemies either in order to mete out evil revenge and retaliation on them, because persecution and revenge and retaliation are as bad as manslaughter; if your self-appointed enemies attack you, then fight against them with [force], with words and deeds, but you shall not kill in [degeneration] but only if there is an inescapable danger to your life, so that you only kill in defence in extremis (self-defence) when your life is threatened; when however the ones who believe they are your enemies let go of you then show them benevolence (humanity) and forgiveness so that there will be peace between you.

Goblet of the Truth

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