Number of Solar Systems with Life in the Milky Way

See also: Number of human races in the universe

(Update / correction: first number below should now read 156 billion stars with 431 billion solid planets.)

Cosmic Love

Our Milky Way Galaxy:

– About 570 billion suns have planets around them

– About 7 Million of these sun systems have planets where life exist, both human and non human, meaning insects, fish animals etc.

– And within these, about 7 million sun systems, which have planets where any form of life exist, there are about 3.67 million human civilizations with the split 2,63 million highly developed and 1,04 million lower developed.


Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976 and page 474,475 block 5 Plejadish Plejarishe Kontaktberichte Published 2004 Augsburg

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6 thoughts on “Number of Solar Systems with Life in the Milky Way

  1. Guys please share this post. It’s so important! A lot of people want to know this information, but don’t know an accurate answer even exists. Memorize the numbers, and whenever it comes up in a conversation, you will be the one to set the record straight.


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