How many young trees replace the oxygen output of a 100 year old oak tree?

Cosmic Love

Okay, I’m already thinking about how I should write it. But now, I would once again have a somewhat unusual question: Can you tell me how much oxygen a full-grown tree actually supplies and how many young trees are needed to replace a full-grown tree in its oxygen production?
56. This question falls into the area of one of my professions, and therefore, I can answer it for you:
57. A full-grown coniferous tree of the fir kind produces a quantity of oxygen every 24 hours that is needed for 12 adult human beings to live and breathe.
58. For the second question, if you make a comparison with an oak tree of 100 years of age, then 2,563 young trees of the same kind are needed to produce as much oxygen as the full-grown tree.


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