Contact Report 001 of 700

Cosmic Love

The following is an excerpt from a face to face conversation between a Pleiadian human and an Earth human in 1975.

Semjase’s Explanations

1. For some time now we have had the urge to contact a human being on Earth who sincerely and concretely wants to help us in our mission.

2. We have often tried to do this before, but the selected human beings were neither knowledgeable nor willing enough, and often lacked sincerity and loyalty as well.

3. But those we could have selected for our endeavors were afraid and remained silent about our coming.

4. They insisted they would be accused of being insane and of lying, and that attempts to harm them might be made through official and foolish human intrigues.

5. Instead, many boastful individuals have appeared who claim to have contact with us and even to have flown in our beamships.

6. But they…

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