2 E.T. Androids Programmed with Human Traits Hilariously Self Destruct Near Pluto

Cosmic Love

Contact Report 137/569

Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 18th of October 1980, 10:47 PM

13. Unfortunately, I currently cannot reach Quetzal, either personally or by our communication device, because he is staying in another time dimension.
14. As soon as he returns to our time dimension, however, then he will call me, and then I can convey your question to him and can then receive his answer.
15. Then we will say goodbye again for now.
16. Farewell, my friend, and take care of your health.
I will.
17. That’s good, because recently, your appearance has become better, which can be attributed partly to your own efforts and a good part to Quetzal’s apparatus.
The machine helps me very much. I feel this myself.
18. Let the apparatus have a further affect on you because it is, together with your own and much-needed…

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